Web Analytics

Data Accuracy

Accurate data is key to making correct decisions – and for something as critical to an eCommerce company as web analytics data – we’ve seen (and fixed) a lot of mistakes.

Often analytics tracking (including conversion tracking and additional modules such as enhanced eCommerce) are implemented by developers who may think their job is done once they start seeing the data flowing. However a rogue double-tag or conversion tag on a non-conversion page can make all the assumptions you’ve based your decisions on suddenly worthless.

If something is telling you the data you are seeing isn’t quite right – we may be able to help.

Actionable Insights

Once we know we have accurate data then we need to know that the right people are accessing it – and using it to make the business better. We can help by setting up analytics reports and segments, linking in 3rd party systems and APIs – and training staff in the use of analytics and data.