User Experience

When looking at what improving user experience actually is – making is easier for customers to buy from us – it seems like a no brainer. And really it is. The problem comes with exactly how that is done.

A lot of sites are initially set up by developers – if we’re lucky they have followed some best practice, but if we’re not they’ve just set up the category pages, product pages, basket, checkout all out of the box. While these may have some best-practice baked in there are still some easy wins. Even if best practice was followed, best practice for one site is different from another – as user demographics will be different.

We research with real users to find the issues that are stopping them converting, then suggest ways to fix these – following through to implementation, testing and monitoring.

Your customers generally won’t tell you when they get stuck buying something – or don’t understand something – they’ll just go elsewhere. If you are worried this might be happening to you then please get in touch.