Site Speed

If we ignore for a moment that Google have stated that site speed is a ranking factor and take a step back – what does a fast loading site really mean? It means that people who want to buy our products get the information they need to make their purchasing decision before they get frustrated and go elsewhere.

We’ve all experienced slow loading sites and the frustration is palpable, so why put our customers through this if we don’t have to? We also need to bear in mind that not all customers will be accessing the site from high-speed fibre internet that we may use to test the website in our offices.

So how do we know if we even have a problem?

Some developers and eCommerce platforms are more concerned with loading speed than others, so there are no set-in-stone rules – but it’s rare to see a site which couldn’t be improved in some material way.

Through optimising images, speedier servers, content delivery networks and using plenty of testing we have many years’ experience of experience in making websites load quicker – and increasing sales.

And yes – site speed is a ranking factor in Google – a rare sharing of a ranking signal so one to capitalise upon!