Search Marketing

Search – be it organic or paid – is an important channel for many eCommerce businesses, yet despite the enormous amount of traffic (and customers) it can delivery – it’s often not as optimised as it could be.

Organic Search

As you’d expect from one of the world’s biggest companies who make their money from providing searchers the best experience they possibly can – Google considers many different factors when ranking a website.

When we look at sites to see why they may not be ranking as well as they perhaps deserve to we’ll try and cover as many of the most common causes, then go deeper from there. This will usually involve a technical audit of the website to ensure there is nothing technically stopping Google (and Bing) ranking the site and making sure the site complies with all of the relevant guidelines.

We'll also look at whether the site could have been affected by any penalties or algorithmic filters (be they link related, content related, due to a hacked site or technical issue) – any use as much data as we can (including Search Console and Analytics).

As Google evolves they are taking a more holistic approach to site quality – so factors such as user experience, mobile friendliness and site speed all play their part – and if we see issues with any of these we’ll make the client aware and propose further investigations as necessary.

There is even scope to apply testing methodology to sites to see which changes provide a measurable level of improvement in organic rankings.

Paid Search

Whilst on the surface paid search may seem more transparent than organic search - you pay google money and they send you traffic – there is are a huge amount of factors which can affect a campaign’s performance.

We have years of experience in optimising paid search campaign – be they text, shopping or display – using all the tools in the paid search tool box (there are a surprising number – and growing daily) to improve quality scores, drive down cost-per-clicks – and what everyone cares about – improve ROI.